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The purchase of low-cost diamonds

9 April, 2015 12:05

Low cost - certified diamonds

Many people believe that diamonds are virtually priceless. However, purchasing diamonds does not have to be expensive.

Diberget's "Mini Diamonds" are both certified AND sealed diamonds, which can be offered to your clientele starting at 150 euros.

Since 2015, Diberget offers jewellers and goldsmiths the opportunity to purchase diamonds for crafting jewellery or as an investment.

Round, classic diamonds enjoy particular preference due to their long term popularity as a separate item and as part of crafted jewellery.

Verzegelde mini diamanten

Accompany your clientele in their purchase of diamonds - Diberget focuses on the experience and knowledge of jewellers and goldsmiths

Almost everyone knows what a diamond looks like, yet very few people have the knowledge required to purchase diamonds. Hence, we offer both jewellers and goldsmiths new opportunities to sell certified (even sealed!) diamonds to clients with a budget of around 150 euros.

Small, certified diamonds with an internationally acknowledged certificate can be found on our webshop after Registering.

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